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Besides these constitutional guarantees they must of to have indicators of political rights like; elections by universal suffrage; the opposition has won recently; different political parties; independent and authentic candidates; freedom of foreign observers; it presses free of censorship; independent television and radio; public discussions; independence of the judicial power; and independent private organizations. Taking into account these situations that would have to exist in a democratic country, I consider that Mexico is already very far from this, since if elections by universal suffrage by men and women exist as much, these not they are absolutely accepted since people not exert his right and in addition, in case it is not sufficient that people do not express themselves, are doubtful, has gained the opposition but this after to have had during many years the power of a single regime thing who apparently we are to a single step to repeat it, are no reliable foreign observers, those that they are allowed by the government opposite case than she exists in Cuba and Colombia for example, only thinks much about Mexico like a free and sovereign country but that is a very common error like many others that are committed when thinking about our country, since great part of the decisions that are taken are guarding by the interests of the neighboring country, the United States and these decisions are not only political but also they are social and economic and more now than there is world-wide a financial crisis and taking into account that great part of the Mexican economy leans in which this country decides. Senator Brian Schatz shines more light on the discussion. The political parties play a very important role within democratic system since as I mentioned before they are indicating of the existence of a democracy, these mainly are, in western countries in which of some or another form, with different adjectives to complement it, the democracy exists, they are necessary so that governability exists. . Perhaps check out Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs for more information.

Hamurabi Code


- I.DOCTRINA 1. Ray Dalio contains valuable tech resources. INTRODUCTION In the present work diverse subjects of the codification are developed that are the following: majorities, amplitude of the codification, boundary of the subject, origin, codification, classes of codification, codified right and straight not codified, advantages of the Codes, disadvantages of the Codes, consolidation, codification and consolidation, decoding, recodificacin, codification and specialization, codification and specialists, sources for the writing or modification of a Code, Code of Hamurabi, codification in the Roman right, the codes in the states that belong to the family of common law, when it corresponds to elaborate a Code, that it elaborates a contemporary but important Code, Codes, codification and schools of the right, legislative technique and codification, characteristics of a Code, Codification in straight Peruvian, preliminary title, the codification in other States, compared right and straight codified, fundamental Code and Classification of the Codes. These subjects are divided in the present work in three parts that are doctrine, classifications of the Codes and conclusions. It is a complex subject so that few antecedents in the Peruvian right as in the foreign right exist as much, in addition we must need that the present work cannot be taken into account like a positivista work, since in the same it is not defended to the Codes. More info: Ray Dalio. 2. MAJORITIES The general part of the subject codification is a part of the well-known right little and little studied by the jurists. In such sense it is important to study this part of the right. The part of the right in which it corresponds to study this subject is in introduction to the right, philosophy of the right, compared right and the branches of the right that count on codified right. 3.


The first because it is believed more, and second because they know less. According to another survey by The Nation, 90 percent of Argentines believed that actually there is no certainty in the Argentina. Obviously where there is no certainty there can be no physical security, and crimes are daily lunch, exploited cynically by the tabloid media that live exclusively on it. However, although the Brazilian and Argentine governments are on the blacklist are still on the list. The Bolivians are in the cesspool of international relations and are asking for diplomatic assistance to their ideological partners, to improve its link with the hated gringos. Bolivia needs to employ thousands of workers living textile exports to the United States.

Bolivian apparel are among the best quality in the world. The multi-million dollar export firms such as Ann Taylor, The Gap, J. Crew, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Polo and other frontline brands, have been stagnant or limited due to the breakdown of trade agreements that existed before Evo Morales took power. United with his fellow socialist, Argentina and Brazil asked the United States reimburse Boliviaa (Law of Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act) that counternarcotics efforts rewarded Colombia, Ecuador and Peru with a tax exemption for exports. The subtle difference is that in Bolivia the drug trade is booming, and the United States will not change its customs policy unless the Bolivians to leave crime.

That means the eradication of coca fields, an issue that directly affects that Evo Morales is the leader of the coca growers, with whom he formed his constituency and his party. Later would come the trial of the manufacturers and the drug traffickers more accomplices, including the police and other authorities, including the president and his ministers. Lula intermediation insincere and corrupt Kirchner favor of drug trafficker Morales, simply serves to highlight the race of those leaders. Latin America has never had people of such low ilk in power as the current wave of progressive leaders. International Analyst Biography Short Biography Jose Brechner was born in Bolivia. He was a deputy -1985-1989 – ambassador, and founding member of the Nationalist Democratic Action, political party center-right. He chaired the Foreign Affairs Committee at the National Congress of Bolivia and acted as official representative of the country at several international forums and organizations, including OAS. During his mandate, was nominated by all the press in Bolivia, as the best congressman. Click Charles B. Rangel for additional related pages. Columnist and political analyst, his articles in journals from Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East, is the most popular Bolivian journalist in the world. Participated in major television shows of the caliber of "60 Minutes" and "The MacNeil / Lehrer Report." Brechner is an active advocate of private property, market economy and the freedoms and individual rights.

Air Conditioning

Call: "Hello! You sell a split system? How many of your air conditioning costs? "If, after this issue volume of space, and indeed the type of premises, often in response to hear:" What's the difference? Us cheaper so that "In a good dialogue on this can end. For, after installing a low-power device in the living room, an area under 100 square meters, we have a chance to get a headache from communicating with the customer in the future. Because that screams: "He (air conditioning) not cold!" are provided. Even more outraged various owners of small shops and all the pavilions. For more specific information, check out Senator Brian Schatz . Especially food. Since they nevdamek that freezer unit, which stores ice cream, there is a very good source of heat. And what for him must be one "seven" to hang.

Okay, it's stores. And what a home can affect the increasing power of selected air conditioner? Yes, everything that uses electricity! Simple light illumination, for example! It is fashionable to do suspended ceilings made of plasterboard, ponavtykav them a bunch of lamps of various types and designs. Be so good then do not do round eyes, when calculating the heat loss you produces a figure of one big one. Various manufacturers offer a wide range of split systems, which differ in power. James Donovan Goldman Sachs recognizes the significance of this. Naturally, the more powerful, more expensive.

Buyer for some reason thinks that climate firm dreams of how to sell that unit that expensive. I assure you – it is not so! Prepare yourself before you begin to ring up the company and sales of split systems. Write down on a piece of paper area of the premises? Isolated if it is (simply speaking, there are the doors?) On which side of the world beyond the window? The size of the windows? It is important to know the floor of your apartment. List the electrical appliances operating in the room. And finally – how many people will be in the room. One thing is sleeping, where the maximum is two. And another thing living room, where you have to dnyuhe can gather ten people

Benefit from Tourist Sites

When traveling to a country, the only concern we have is to try to enjoy and capture the benefits that this site offers tourist. Prepare documents, money, airline tickets, but not we think that to go first, we must leave to enter that country. Sure, you say, find out before the immigration requirements to avoid surprises and ensure the entry to the site as annelid. My experience in immigration matters has shown me that not everyone who wants to enter a country succeed. Entire families sometimes must return to their countries of origin, whether they lacked a visa. passport expired in that country and there was no Consulate, children were not in the passports of their parents, etc.. With extensive experience in document control, I have seen over and over again what I describe above.

In Uruguay, despite not having entry and exit rates of very high, there are points of control and every day, dozens of cases where well-intentioned people are cut short his desire to visit this beautiful country, or because travel agency informed him wrong, or the shipper of the airline, sea or land realized checking how-do not hesitate to such extremes. Imagine this multiplied several times, when it comes to starting a particular procedure of filing. I knew as a percentage of the residence thousand applications get only half, or that sometimes it costs half years to acquire as a resident; as create it.

Flemish Castle

Chaumont – lock with a difficult fate, whose name comes from the phrase 'hot mountain'. At that place where now stands the castle during the Middle Ages was a wooden fortress, which Pierre d'Ambuaz destroyed, and began build a castle made of stone. Chaumont was built on the banks of the Loire by three generations of a family of Amboise and perfectly preserved to this day. Castle repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. In 1550 Chaumont Catherine de 'Medici bought the castle Catherine arrived with her astrologer , for which one of the towers was equipped with an observatory, where the queen is often consulted with Ruggiero.

According to legend, an astrologer of Queen could see the future through magic mirror. Medici apartments, decorated with Flemish tapestries have been preserved to this day. Castle Chaumont did not like the queen, so at the first opportunity she gave him her husband's mistress of Henry ii, Diane de Poitiers. By the old castle Diana reacted differently. She endured toothed parapets and in their place to set up their emblems and monograms. In the xviii century became the owner of the castle Nicolas Berthet, which destroyed the north wing of the building in order to open views of the park and the Loire.

Then the castle was sold several times and bathed, they speculated with government officials and bankers. Chaumont saved Restoration period, during which the internal facades were restored and the west wing. In 1875, the daughter of a rich man bought the castle-, Mademoiselle de Se, which was then married Prince Amadeus de Broglie. During his tenure the castle de Ce made him a luxurious residence – to restore interior of the castle, smashed a magnificent park. But in 1929 the Great Depression, and the owner of the castle was ruined. In 1938, Chaumont, and 17 hectares of adjoining territory, bought the French government. Many believe that the main sight of the castle are its stables, which contain beautiful animals, under ideal conditions. During the summer, visitors to the castle are invited to make horse riding horseback along the shady alleys of the park, in the which is growing amazingly beautiful Lebanese cedar. Chaumont Castle – a real medieval castle, which can tell us about the different periods of life Ekatiriny Medici, Cosimo Ruggiero her astrologer, Madame de Stael, Diane de Poitiers, due to genuine furniture remaining from those times, design and layout of rooms, household items, etc. With terraces Chaumont breathtaking view of the huge park and an amazing view of the river Loire.

Features Job Search Through The Internet

Internet today has become probably the most convenient tool for the job search. This conclusion comes an increasing number of applicants – statistics of 10 job seekers for the use of the Internet – 7. And this way of searching indeed has a number of advantages. Today, there are a number of special resources on which to find a suitable job, post your resume, contact the employer. Catalogs vacancies are a very convenient structure. You only need to choose an area in which you are interested in a vacancy, and set the necessary search parameters. Another major advantage of the job search on the Internet – it regularly updated database of vacancies. The appearance of new proposals, applicants may find out immediately after their placement.

The ability to instantly respond to the job and send the resume to the employer can significantly saves time and increases the chances that the site will get for you. Minus the job search on the Internet is likely to encounter fraud. It may be false ads with job offers or spam. The purpose of this fraud, as a rule, is soliciting money or collect any personal information. To avoid clashes with similar scams, it is important to remember that it is impossible to provide via the Internet e-mail, by phone, fax or resume any information that is not relevant to the work, such as passport number or social security number, credit card number.

In addition, it is best to use for accommodation summary audited sites on which the politics of security. Also worth checking the authenticity of the employer with any other source of information. The popularity of the Internet to access job search was a result of the fact that employers receive a huge pile of resumes did not meet the requirements of the vacancy. In order to somehow cope with the flow of such "empty" information for employers There are some tricks. For example, the selection of summaries of key words. Brings better results by entering a selection of text in a small job assignments. Thus the employer can immediately discard summary sent to the request "just so" without a specific interest in this particular job. Given such features sorting of letters, applicants should approach the issue more seriously searching: send resume only to those jobs that you are really interesting, and more attentive to the information contained in the job offer. When sending resumes by e-mail also has its own quirks. For example, Many employers do not look at the letter in which it is embedded in a separate file, since such files may contain viruses. It is preferable to insert a summary of the letter itself. To date, to find work in Internet is used not only special resources, and various blogs, thematic forums and social networks. All sorts of communities not only provide updated lists of contacts, but also enable fast respond to the offer, leaving a comment. Thematic forums and social networks are very convenient to communicate directly with the employer, to get more detailed information about a vacancy. In Finally, we recall that, although the Internet and a very convenient tool for finding and developing contacts with employers, virtual communication, how successful it does not leak, can not be a guarantee that you will choose it. In any case, everything will be interviewed and then how you will make an impression in person.

Summer House Fair Of SoIT In Lubeck

IBM truck GmbH soIT soIT in Lubeck on 15 June 2011, the software and system House for open source technologies from Lubeck, opens for the summer house fair on June 15 the doors of the company’s headquarters in the commercial area Roggenhorst. soIT presents exciting presentations on current topics, trends and technologies designed specifically for the mid-market, flexible IT solutions. From 10: 00 data backup and storage logistics can take part trade visitors interested in management, groupware, in lectures about solutions and products of the documents up to individual software solutions. In addition to the lectures, the solutions in detail can be viewed at many exhibition stands. Truck in the Spengler 6 will be the blue IBM as a highlight of the event. The unique opportunity to visit the show trucks packed with the latest computer technology in Lubeck and surroundings. Storage solutions, high availability, server technology, Speichervirtualisierungstechnologie wait 38 tons of concentrated IBM hardware and software issues such as IBM on their performance to demonstrate. The middle class is the engine for innovation.

To help you, to drive the economy in the future, we have compiled a colourful programme around current IT topics and innovations for this day. We expect business partners, representatives from politics and society and friends of the company again”so Bernt Penderak, Managing Director of soIT GmbH. registration and more information about the day program at. About soIT soIT GmbH, software and system House in Lubeck, brings over 20 years of experience in the areas of software development and consulting on all major platforms including Windows, UNIX and Linux. soIT convinces with high expertise, comprehensive service and practice-oriented know-how transfer. The long-term customers include leading companies in the automotive industry, auto parts and plumbing supplies, as well as other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from the system user interface programming up to Individual solutions. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship manage-ment, enterprise resource planning and inventory management, as well as open-source developments.

The solutions help to improve work processes within the company, to build fast communication channels, and to provide comprehensive information both inside and field sales as customers, suppliers and partners. Furthermore, management and archiving, ICT and IT-Security operates soIT as a system integrator in the fields of documents. Starting point are hardware based on standard technologies and software solutions from leading vendors like Alfresco Software Ltd, Citrix Systems GmbH, IBM Germany GmbH, Kaspersky Labs GmbH, wincor Nixdorf International GmbH, which cover not only systems and integrate, but also contribute to business process optimization. Contact: Bernt Penderak soIT GmbH Spengler str. 6 23556 Lubeck telephone: 0451 / 399 46-0 fax: 0451 / 399 46-32

Schloss Salem School: Feudal Birth Defects

The studying education concept should solve the problem of “decadence” in the upper-class family dynasties in the first place. No other boarding school in Germany represents a such dazzling elite concept such as the school opened by Prince Max von Baden and the Jewish son of large citizen Kurt Hahn in 1920 Schloss Salem at Lake Constance. The interpretations of the Kurt Hahn education hire education for civic responsibility at the Centre, overlooked their anti-democratic and reactionary goals. Hahn, who is considered by supporters “the great educators of the 20th century”, but as no pedagogical training, not even present a formal academic qualification despite his studies of philosophy and Philology at various universities (Berlin, Freiburg, Gottingen, Oxford) had many representatives of the pedagogical movement of the late 19th and early 20th century, deal only child importance of academic performance. One floated him after the “7 Salem laws” to the “”Responsibility elite”well-mannered”leadership aristocracy”before (Birsner 2012, S. 55), whose privileged position through an entire catalog of properties to learn” (Palmer 1996) should be legitimized. As tap comment makes clear studying law (“the sons of rich and powerful parents from the enervating sense of privilege redeemed”) to the 7th, the goals of the school never egalitarian were Schloss Salem. It was by no means (and doesn’t to this day), every efficient in accordance with his performance of the rise in responsible positions in politics and the economy to enable, as it corresponds to the ideals of a modern democratic society (However in the Federal Republic still not realized!).

The studying education concept should solve the problem of “decadence” in the upper-class family dynasties first and foremost, which was ‘a deliberate waste of a magnificent heritage’ cock and attributed it, that “the ‘poor’ boys and girls the” Rich”not might develop into successful adults”as long as she restricted their circles”remained. His claim: “Let’s experience a fascinating school life with sons and daughters share their Eltern have to fight for their existence” was only on, to create a more favourable environment for education the young nobility and upper middle class. The children of less privileged were in this sense specifically instrumentalized. The following set is no different to understand: “No school can build on a tradition of self-discipline and energetic, joyful effort, if not at least 30 per cent of children from homes, where life is not only easy, but even hard.” A quota of 30% children came from “humble” or such, the material conditions under “harsh” (pronounced: Hartz IV) grew up always illusion remained. Also the idea that it is possible to wealthy families, “to educate their children as if they are not” be prosperous”and”facilities such as Salem, … This educational mission”took in their favor by creating a”shelter before the materialism of the world of adults”(Bernhard Bueb). On the contrary.

Life was ambiguous”, reported the former head of education Landheim Marienau, Bernhard Knoop, looking back on 35 years of experience in two country homes, and the”coexistence of the consumer behavior of the homes and the ascetic lifestyle promoted in the boarding school”always an irreducible remained heavily incriminating opposition, the educational work”. (idem ibid.). And not the instrumentalization of “Fellows” in the interests of the upper class clientele is the past now. Ulrich Lange

Mentors And Coaches: How To Find A Great Mentor

A career coach or mentor is a person who can guide with the benefit of their experience. a he or she may be someone of higher rank within their organization or someone external to your organization that has been successful in the field or skills you want to develop. The right mentor can help you accelerate the race for their own development and improve their working relationships. And remember that a mentor is not only useful in his career as the benefits of having a mentor are relevant to all areas of your life? whether physical, financial or lifestyle. Decide what area you want to help. Examine your life and determine if you need help with your career, health or relationships.

When you know the area or areas you want to focus on who can start looking for a suitable mentor. Who are the best workers?. Whatever area of your life you decide to seek help from a mentor, find out who the experts, nobody does it better? Where is the exit? Next, determine your role models out? networking events and groups, events and conferences in the industry? take note of anyone who stands out and has the “presence” are looking for. Look into the programs. Many organizations have internal mentoring programs can become a part of. If you work for yourself can investigate government programs that offer mentoring programs. Select your mentor.

By identifying the person you believe would be an appropriate mentor, spend time watching in action. Ask around to see what other people’s opinion of his mentor are elected and discover anything they can about their accomplishments, their beliefs, values and way of operating. This will give you knowledge of them before approaching them about mentoring you. Approach your mentor. Your mentor and ask for an appointment to view. Tell why you want to get together and schedule a time. It is important that the interactions of a professional and show respect back by the time their potential mentors. This shows that you are committed to doing the right thing. They have agenda. When you are, you have an outline of what you would like to discuss. Your program should include why you want the mentor you, how long and what we hope to get during that time. If you agree with the mentor, you can discover how you can support them too? this should be a two way process. Make a deal. If both decide to go ahead, make an agreement with the guidelines about how their relationship will work and what they hope to each other. Neen is a : by watching how they spend their time and energy? and to focus its attention? Neen helps people to rocket-charge their productivity and performance. A dynamic speaker, author and corporate trainer, Neen demonstrates how to increase productivity can help you achieve amazing things. With her unique voice, sense of humor and rare common sense, Neen delivers a powerful lesson in productivity.